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Winter driving in Minnesota

We all know that driving in Minnesota can be kind of a drag this time of year, but what if your job requires you to drive?

For me that is the case, most days I love my full time job, I enjoy being out and about and visiting with my customers,

My boss and the guys I work with are great, the only time I'm not fond of my job is bad weather days.

we are to use our own descretion as far as driving in bad weather goes, my biggest problem is that by the time the weather really cranks up I'm 120 miles from home so I have to try to get through it, I take my time and I drive as carefully as I can, keeping a close eye on those other drivers out there...its always the other drivers that you have to watch out for.

I've had some pretty scetchy nights trying to keep the truck on the road and avoid the other people trying to keep they're vehicals on the road, but so far have always made it back in one piece a little older and alot more on edge no doubt but in one piece none the less.

this day was not all that bad, we had just gotten some light snow a couple days before and that mixed with high winds equals a possibly bad situatuion, and that brought on blizzard warnings for our area.

it is true that in some areas it was impossible to see directly in front of you, but than 200 feet further it would be almost perfectly clear for at least a good distance.

here is a little video driving through some rough patches, I hope you enjoy!

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