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The Amplink Power Distribution Module!

Last night I installed the amplink power distribution module from  Rowe Electronics  on my 2016 Road Glide Ultra. To be honest I've been putting off this install for months, I'm not usually intimidated by this stuff but for whatever reason this thing had my mind twisted.. Last night I decided just to find a location for it and see how I'd run the wires and do the install.. and everything started to come together lol.. Anyways I got it installed and it was a breeze, super easy to install and works great.. The included posi-taps and connectors made it quick and easy. I'm not using it to its full potential as I'm only using 2 out of the 6 circuits and 1 out of the 3 triggers so there is alot of room to expand if or when I need to and I'm already coming up with ideas. I forgot to snap a picture so the one above is courtesy of the Rowe electronics website. I highly recommend this unit if you run several accessories on your bike. You'll be able to tidy up your battery compartment area and battery terminals, you'll take the load off of your battery at start up and save yourself a ton of time if you ever have a fault because rather than having do access and swap out a fuse you can simply reset the the faulty circuit.

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