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GoPro announced their new action camera and accessories.

  1. I found it very difficult to focus on anything else yesterday after hearing and seeing the announcement from GoPro about the new Hero 5 black, Hero5 Session and the GoPro Karma.

  2. GoPro has been teasing the Karma for awhile so I think allot of us had an idea of what was coming (a GoPro drone) and it was not only confirmed yesterday but with an unexpected and welcome addition of the handheld attachment and removable stabilizer bar/gimbal, the Karma grip.

  3. Now I have thrown the idea of owning a drone around in the past but I never really thought to seriously about it until now. I Have thought many times that a hand-held gimbal would be great to have though so the fact that GoPro has created a complete system is very enticing.

  4. Of course all we have to go on right now is what Gopro is telling us, but it looks good so far, we'll only know for sure in October once some reviewers get their hands on some units and are able to try them out. I'm not yet sure how but I definitely want to be one of those reviewers, I do plan on getting the new Hero 5 black action camera and the GoPro Karma as soon as possible and if I do keep your eyes peeled for some awesome reviews in the upcoming months.

  5. GoPro Hero 5 and Hero 5 Session are expected to release Oct. 2nd and the GoPro Karma is expected to release Oct. 23rd.

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