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How to pair your Sena Prism Bluetooth action camera to the Sena mic & intercom.

I've done several unboxings and reviews for Sena products and this is an extention of that, Here we're taking a look at how to pair the Sena Prism action camera with a Bluetooth device, in this case its the Sena mic & intercom but it is essentially the same proccess on any device.

simply enter pairing mode on both devices and wait for them to pair and connect.

So far I'm impressed with the Sena mic and intercom, I like the voice promts so that I know when things are connected and when the prism is recording and when it isn't!

having the built in Blutooth conectivity is very convenient. and I will probably use this over the Sena bluetooth audio backback for GoPro in most instances...

this will not replace my GoPro cameras however as I will use multiple cameras for different perspectives and different situations.

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